flux moodboadrd 

Synth Pop

in my mind this signature sound  would ground the piece firmly in the 80's whilst also keeping it current.

I use this as an example because the movement in the synths would work well for tension building and/or to express ideas forming and morphing for instance in scientific processes.

Sythns are very flexible in temrs of what you can express, here they are dark and curious, but in later examples can be fun and lighthearted. They epitomise the 80's and give us the whole emotional spectrum to play with. 



80's gaming chiptune could be interesting for implying molecular movment and activity, dynamic reactions of particles and the excitiment of ideas forming and growing. see here *7:49mins

the crude and simplistic nature of 8-bit sounds (gaming was a new thing in the 80's as was it's music) implies the beginning of an era of development, mirroring that of radioactivity / nuclear science in the 80's.


Kate's Theme 

As not only this track but as through musical style, perhaps for the theme of character 'Kate' and her journey.

bush's sound is so ecclectic that many elements could be used throughout as inspiration, but particularly this track i'd have in mind for the charachter 'Kate'. Using simple piano (such as the intro here) for moments of relfection or meloncholy, with high pitched, unexpected melodies that are totally feminine in their tone as kate's feelings and thoughts....

Arthur Russell style & effects

I love His experimental use of effects such as delay, echo, reverb and looping  *5:45mins*  to turn generic 80's synthetics into seemingly human, breathing, emotive sounds. I would intend on using some of these techniques to spice up recurring  synths/backing vocals (greek chorus as mentioned above)/drum samples/soundbeds/underscore

These effects would be useful for undersore that need to be adjusted to the length of the action mid show rather than just ridgid tracks that cannot be flexible.

...it would also be exciting to play with pre-recorded backing vocals (as in 'suspended in gaffa') as a sort of greek chorus throughout the piece, or just vocals as sound sources for a very human element to the score. 


Thomas Newman film scores

I am, of course, a massive thomas newman fan! I would consider making use of morphing arpeggios the way he does throughout the piece. I love the way he blends organic sounds like bells and chimes. his music insinuates cogs working, and people 'doing'. yet at the same time he is playful and unexpected and adds melodic quirks mirroring each character's individuality, and highlighting story points. 


Masculine world / Male character

This track is very direct with typical 80s drum samples and simple synth melodies that cut through the drums.

This very confident synth sound could act as the masculine world surrounding Kate, or serve as a theme for a male character in the play.

It is the complete opposite of the etherreal & dreamlike qualities Of our Kate Bush theme so would add interest and flavour to the score as well as highlight the difference between kate and her male dominated world.

Blend of accoustic and Synthetic 

In the first few bars here the very effective blend of sythn and accoustic piano would, perhaps bring togehter the male and female worlds (romantically?) if that was relevant.

for me it gives a sense of awe and wonder, also useful for the science world within the piece. humans interacting with particles, accoustic interacting synthetic and  male interacting with female.